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Yogesh Shah

Receiving is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Support is a choice. Respect is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Giving is a choice.

Choose wisely.

Giving for good, is a unique foundation that focuses on holistic development of students. We encourage extra-curricular activities and sports apart from academics to make students all-rounders. To achieve this our aim is to teach students to learn and adapt with new technologies, advance their soft skills and consider sports as careers. We believe a small step towards this will make a difference to a section of students who’re under privileged in their exposure.

We also believe environment is key existence of life on earth, hence our vision is also giving back and doing good to our mother earth. With that in mind, we also emphasize on healthy life, fresh air, clean water and surrounding.

You give to yourself by giving of yourself.

Niraj Shirgaokar

Giving for Good Foundation (GFG) was conceptualized by the iResearch Management Team as a very important tool towards fulfilling our responsibility towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In today's world, there is nothing more important than having a level playing field for each and every human being, in any walk of life.

Through this foundation, we hope to touch and improve the lives of those, who are not able to enjoy the basic necessities of life. We hope to improve the quality of their lives through several of our initiatives in different areas.

We assure you that this is just the beginning and that we hope and plan to do many more such activities in diversified areas, be it education, food, shelter, personality development, equal opportunity, sports development and more.

I encourage you all to whole heartedly support this initiative so that we can make a difference.


While we, await the perfect time to do the right things in life, to help foster a heart-filled cause; it is only in time, that we realise, the right time to ‘make a start’ is now

We truly believe in the need for each of us to give back to our world and immediate society that has helped us through our struggles, built us into who we are, what we do and know; the right time is now

GfG is our way to help each of us, take steps in the direction of basic human rights and deliver on our responsibility towards the differently abled in our immediate society; building a chain reaction of positive impact, long after we have gone!

Giving for Good FoundationLeadership Team