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Plastic Take-Back Program

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We are creating awareness and bringing behavioral change with respect to the collection, segregation of waste and storage of Plastic Waste. By encouraging citizens to do their Extended Citizen Responsibility (ECR).

Plastic Takeback Program

  • The plastic that we throw on the ground around us is as good as directly thrown into the ocean because land slopes naturally towards the oceans
  • Once it is in the oceans, it gets broken down into smaller particles by waves and the effect of the sun, and these particles spread in the water and algae
  • When fish begin to die from ingesting plastic, the birds that feed on them also begin to die
  • So, wittingly or unwittingly, our indiscriminate use of plastic and its careless disposal on land is leading to the death of our oceans – where all life began on Earth

Under this campaign, people from RWAs, Schools, Corporate and Institutes will participate to segregate their plastic and store in separate bin. Once, it will reach to 500 Kg in a month (10 kg per person), IPCA will collect it and will send it to respective recycling/ co-processing units. The participating citizens and the organization will be given an appreciation certificate and a product made from recycled material.

Feedback from students participating in the plastic takeback program

  • The impact of what the children partaking in this program will achieve is going to be tremendous. Because when they realize the fact that it takes a mere five kilograms of plastic to contaminate a square kilometer of ocean or farmland, they all want to become ocean heroes and protect THEIR planet.
  • They all understand that Plastic that’s reached the end of its life is often burned for energy or ends up in the landfill. But the key is to make use of it rather than leaving it to litter the environment or pile up in landfill.
  • “By recycling we are putting less into those sites, reducing the amount of pollution that is damaging our natural environment” – said one student. Another participant in this program “Some plastic can’t be recycled, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t do something about it.”

The Road to Zero Plastic Waste

  • Refuse the plastic bags and bring your own cloth bags. Keep a cotton bag in your backpack, in the car trunk, next to the front doors – where it’s easy to notice and grab it when you’re going shopping.
  • Bring your mug to coffee shops and juice centers
  • Refuse the plastic straws or change to those made from paper or steel.
  • Use refill packets instead of buying new bottles every time.
  • Carry your own water bottle. Choose a reusable thermos or glass bottles. Your footprint will be reduced, and you will be shocked how much you can save if you drop the bottled water!

Giving for Good FoundationPlastic Take-Back Program

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