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Menstruation Health & Hygiene Management

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“KAVACH” A Movement is working towards creating the right kind of sexuality, health, and hygiene awareness, and empowerment among young adolescents, especially during menstruation.

With the support of Giving for Good foundation, Nurturing Minds Charitable trust through its Kavach A Movement reached out to the following schools in month of November 2019.

  1. Mohol Vidyalaya Madhyamik and Uccha Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Warje
  2. T. G. Gosavi Vidyalaya,Vittalwadi
  3. Chetan Dattaji Gaikwad High School
  4. Madhaymik Vidyalaya Mhalunge
  5. Adhar Mukhbir School, Bibvevadi

The work in these schools was focused on the issues relating to sexuality education and awareness for 1200 girls, along with the distribution of Kavach Kits and counseling. We have adapted the module, to make the workshops more child-friendly, interactive attractive and language friendly.  The modules covered the topics of sexual awareness, personal hygiene and menstrual hygiene.

We reached out to a deaf and mute school children. The teachers of the school took the initiative and acted as the ‘interpreters’ for our trainers. The teacher explained the entire session to the students in sign language. The 45 children were very glad, that someone had given them such  vital information and it was a first time experience for them.  One of the students requested the school teacher to translate the message to Kavach. She said that, ‘No one had ever recognized that we too need this kind of education. We too struggle during growing up but we can’t explain our concerns as we lack words in literal sense. Thank you Kavach for recognizing this and helping us sail through this phase’

A significant shifts was seen in the other schools as well. The participants from a school were the children on daily wage earners, an extremely low socio economic group. When the girls received the Kavach kits, they danced with joy. One of these girls said, “this is the first time I have received my own underwear”.  While saying this, her eyes were shining with the feeling of owning an object which she was proud of. Another girl said that she would be sharing her towel with her younger brother, who bathes on the road. Mrs. Bharati Trivedi, who was facilitating this workshop explained to the child that it could be unhygienic to share your most personal things. The girl positively understood and continued to dance.  The boys of the schools were helping us distribute the kits. They also started asking questions to our founder, Mrs. Bharati. One of the boy verbalized that he was feeling left out as the girls were receiving beautiful gifts and knowledge.

In another school, post the workshop, a girl came to the team member and shared that she will share the information with her younger sister who is yet to begin her menstrual cycle. She added that the she will guide her sister on using pads, and explain the scientific reasons of getting periods. Mrs. Bharati Trivedi was amazed with the fact that the 14 year old was using the ‘taboo’ words confidentially post the session.

One of the girls, post the session, broke down and started crying loudly. In the personal counseling session she shared that she was involved in inappropriate activities and sexual behavior. After a long discussion, she promised that she would now discontinue her behavior patterns and use the new tips and techniques suggested by the Kavach team.

All of our achievements could not have been possible without your cooperation and support. We will surely see more significant shifts in next few schools too.

Giving for Good FoundationMenstruation Health & Hygiene Management

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