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Science Exhibition

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With the thought of providing an opportunity of showing their understanding and talent in Science world, at first, a study centre level Science exhibition was held at both Lamanvasti and Sutardara centres for children.

Everything that we see has science involved in it in some way or the other. Our lives are about science. Taking into account this fact of human life, along with language and numerical ability and other life skills, IDEA Foundation’s thrust and one of the objective of opening up of study centre is to cultivate the scientific temper among the study centre children so that children turn into critical and informed decision makers in their life. To fulfil this objective various activities were started at the very start of this year. Teacher trained in Science teaching learning process, various workshops were conducted and various strategies were planned to involve volunteers and interns along with teachers. Various teaching kits and activity material were provided. Children were learning and understanding the science behind things from their daily life. They took immense interest in these activities since these activities provide children with learning opportunity with fun.

Teachers, volunteers and children work together which again builds in them values like respect, trust, friendship and team work. Once the activity is displayed to the children, they become curious to have the hands on experience of assembling the device to perform the activity. Activities on Solar Energy, Windmill, Lungs Function, Kaleidoscope, Microscope etc. are covered so far. Video are shown as well for better understanding of the science wherever required. Practical knowledge with lots of question and answer sessions pre, while and post activity helps strengthen the existing and new knowledge created. It has increased children’s regularity in attendance at study centres.

Similar kind of Science exhibition was held at the other centres of IDEA Foundation. With the objective to provide even bigger opportunity an Annual Science Exhibition was held on 19th Feb 2019, where children from all the centres participated. Children really came up with mix of both handmade and some not so handmade Science experiment at the event. They have come up with experiment on Water Purification, Water Boat running on air, Solar Energy produced light, Air Pressure Effect, Magnetic effect, How to identify Starch , Volcano eruption, Combustion needs oxygen, sound waves, Solubility, Magnetic force, Transparent quality of paper, Work and Energy etc.

It has been observed this has boosted the confidence level of children which can be seen in their voluntarily expression of the doubts, questions, answers and responses this is what has been expected as learning outcome by IDEA.

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