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Education Day

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We decided to celebrate International Day of Education at all our study centres through various educational activities for children like speeches, story-telling, drawing competition and some conducted puppet shows and fun games.

IDEA strives to provide quality education to underprivileged children through community-based study centres and educational sponsorship programmes. We believe Education is the greatest leveller, a tool which can end marginalization

Study centre team were asked to celebrate it in their own way. At study centres, our social workers and teachers explained the importance of education for the progress of humanity. They asked children, what education means to them and how has it changed their lives? One child expressed that he is very happy to come to the study centre where he gets to learn new things but feels bad that his mother is illiterate. Another child expressed his desire to become an engineer in the future and said that he knows he needs to study hard to realize his dream.

The highlight of the day was the puppet show which played out a story of 4 friends who have different strengths and weaknesses. Education helps them in accepting their uniqueness and gives them the confidence to accept themselves and others. We believe that our efforts have created more awareness about the importance of education in the communities.

Since the past 17 years, IDEA has been working towards Sustainable Development Goal #4 of Quality Education. Thousands of children from economically and socially backward sections of society have received quality and holistic education which has laid strong foundations for their futures. On this International Day of Education, our resolve to bring quality education to the most marginalized and underprivileged children have grown even stronger.

Education Day

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